Buy tickets online

Choose whether to buy tickets online, by phone or at the counters.

Choose your own seats

One of Ticket2u's competitive advantages is that we allow you to choose your own seats online. That's is, if the event offers a numbered seating, we can allow you to choose where you like to be seated. You will decide, whether you wish to be seated near the aisle, in the middle, front most and etc. Go ahead try this feature. Choose any of the shows we are selling.  

Pay online, via credit cards or online banking

At the website, Ticket2u accepts payment via credit card or online transfer. If you wish to pay via cash, please proceed to the counter or the agencies we are partnering with. If you are not near to any of them, choose to bank-in monies straight into our account.  

The bank is asking information that you do not know off
Nowadays, security is being heighten and during your online purchase, the banks may be asking several additional questions.

  • Your mother's name,
  • Your credit card statement's date (the date your credit card statement is issued, you can, 
  • Your TAC no (the reference number your bank is going to sms you), and many more 

Your banks may have their own reasons for choosing 1 question over the other, but principally, they are meant for your security. 

Why a payment is declined
There are many reasons why a credit card (payment) is declined by the banks. The chief amongst them is your security.

  • During the process of purchasing, you may have accidently clicked a button twice. We observed some bank's software, read that behavior as a security risk.  
  • You failed to give a right answer to your bank's question's above. Many users are unfamiliar about TAC (the reference number the bank will sms you). So keep your handphone nearby. 
  • You probably taken too long to complete.

I wanted to retry buying the seats, but the seat(s) I have chosen have turned to Yellow
Ticket2u changed the seat status to Yellow to indicate that the seat(s) is in process of being sold. The seats will remain yellow until we receive instruction from your bank (in event your payment is successfully transacted) or 30 minutes (in event you may have been disconnected etc.) - which ever is earlier.

Does Ticket2u accepts debit card
The decision belongs to your banks. Not us. You may try using your card and see what is the response from the bank. 

Print e-Ticket and redeem the 'actual' tickets later
Assuming your payment is successful, Ticket2u will issue you a Reference number and an eTicket. Refer to the eTicket for instructionsof whether, you need to redeem the 'real' tickets, where, when and etc.